Our school operates from Whitley lake in Poole Harbour. Renowned for being the epicenter of kite surfing in the UK the lagoon adjacent to the sandbanks peninsular provides an ideal waist deep and flat calm environment perfect to learn kite boarding in.
We operate to it’s Northeasterly end where it’s quieter location and sandy bottom makes for a pleasant experience in the majority of wind conditions ensuing you have the very best time when you’re with us.

Land based lessons take place in Baiter park where the large harbour side green makes for an ideal setting to get the basics with power kites or blast around on a board or buggy.

Once experienced the Poole area boasts a variety of locations and conditions for kite boarders of all tastes, whether it’s a private butter flat lagoon loaded with a kite park or a down the line wave break we can advise on the best location for the day or accompany you out to help find you feet.

Poole has the most beautiful scenery and its a joy to live and work here we hope you share the same views as us all.