The kit

We want you to have the best learning possible with us so have spent time trying out all the gear on the market to find what we think works the best.

In 2012 we proudly became the UK’s only premier Wainman Hawaii centre using their Kite surf equipment in everything we do. The school uses the entire range of Rabbit kites from the 5 meter “Bunny” when winds are strongest up to the 14.5 meter “Big Mama” when the breeze blows a little lighter. We find them perfect for learning with an incredibly smooth power delivery, easy relaunch, a user friendly bar and most importantly a series of fool proof safety systems.
Whats more, our entire team rides the kites in their own time too, so rest assured not only can the kites perform, but no-one will know the gear better than your instructor does.

We will Also have other Top Brands such as RRD and Liquid  Force Available to use in the School so you get a chance to see how other equipment preforms.

Ask anyone who goes in the water lots and they’ll tell you one piece of equipment that really makes the difference when learning is a good wetsuit. No-one likes getting cold, so we’ve made sure to kit our school out with the very best West and Ripcurl wetsuits to make sure you stay warm when you’re with us. Our buoyancy aids, harnesses and helmets too are all top notch and a design we wear on the water ourselves.

As for boards; we have a selection of equipment to make sure we can get something matched to your body weight and ability, more than likely an RRD Placebo rest assured you’ll be on something fresh and soft to help get you up as easy as possible and stable through those first runs with us!